Workloads on the dashboard

Hello everybody,

Today we have deployed a new enhanced version of the Linguition dashboard! We merged the translation and revision workload charts into a brand new chart that takes all job types into account. And we replaced the second chart with a new one that now shows the number of jobs you have to deliver for a certain day.

Let’s have a look at these new charts.

Linguition - Workloads on the dashboard

  1. Optimized workload

Linguition - Optimized workload

This chart “optimizes” your work based on many criteria:

– The due date of the job
– The start date of the job
– Your daily capacity (e.g. you work 8 hours every day but not during the weekend)
– Your job type performance (e.g. you are able to translate 450 words per hour)
– Your timesheets (how much time you already worked on the job)
– Your planned holidays

The orange area shows your maximum capacity for the day while the green line shows your workload (optimized). Of course, it’s better that the green line stays in the orange area, otherwise it means you have too much work for your capacity.

You have some options on the chart.

Linguition - options on the chart


– You can configure the level for the optimization: you can have a view on your company, on a specific department or on a specific expert.

– You also have the possibility to display additional lines on the chart. Under “job type details”, you can select a maximum of two job types you would like to display. In the following screenshot, for example, we have a blue line for translation and a purple line for revision.

Linguition - workload job types


Finally, if you want to know what you have to do for the day, you can click on the green dots and the following screen will appear. You can clearly see the ongoing jobs and the quantity you have to achieve to meet your due date.  To go to the job details, just click on the corresponding line.

Linguition - job details


  1. Workload chart

Linguition - workload

This second chart gives you a quick view on how many jobs you have to complete for a day. This number of jobs is represented by the orange bars. The green line shows the jobs assigned to internal experts, while the blue line shows those assigned to external experts.

Here again, you can click on the orange bars to see the details. The following screen will appear. You can clearly see the jobs and their due date, and to which expert they are assigned. Again, to go to the job details, just click on the corresponding line.

Linguition - job details

We hope this new dashboard will help you to have a better view on your workload and to better organize your work!

Have a good day,

The Linguition team


Updated features in Linguition!

Dear readers,

It’s not because you haven’t heard from us for a while that we weren’t working on Linguition! It has been a long time since our last post, but here we are again to present you the features we added in Linguition these last weeks.

Invoicing projects

You now have the possibility to display all the invoiced projects by choosing the “Invoiced” filter.Linguition - Invoicing projects

And next to the project status, you can see a little banknote icon, indicating the invoicing status:

Green: the project is totally invoiced
Grey: the project is not invoiced at all
Blue: the project is partially invoiced

Linguition - Invoice status

At a glance, you thus know the invoicing status of your projects without having to go in the invoicing section of Linguition!

Quick access to the job details on the projects and quotes screens

On the quotes and projects screens, you now have a new expanding icon at the beginning of each line (3) that allows you to easily access the content of the project. To collapse these data, click on 4

Linguition - Quick access to the job details on the projects and quotes screens

More info about jobs

In the project view, you now have more information about the jobs composing the project (due date, assignment).

Linguition - More info about jobs

Mass mailing to experts

You can send emails to multiple experts at once from the experts view. You simply have to select the experts you would like to contact and click on “Send an email to selected experts”. Because we know your time is precious!

Linguition - mass mailing

Copy of emails

In your personal information, under “My info”, you can select an option to automatically receive a copy of every email you send with Linguition.

Lingution - Signature

When you send an email, you will then by default always receive a copy of it, but you can also always untick the “Send me a copy” box at the email level if you don’t need a copy of this email in particular.

Linguition - mail copy

Tax template simplification

The tax template module has been rewritten and is now more accurate.

You can define up to 3 tax lines. Indeed, in several countries such as the US or Canada, taxes have several components that have to be indicated in invoices, credit notes, quotes, etc. So you now have the possibility to define up to 3 tax components, or just one of course if your country only requires one (like Belgium).

Linguition -tax template

Exporting accounting documents

You can now export multiple accounting documents (such as invoices, credit notes and purchase orders) in one compressed file. For that, you just have to select the documents in question and click on “Generate and compress selected invoices/credit notes/purchase orders/etc”.

Linguition - Exporting accounting documents

Creating multiple purchase orders

You can create multiple purchase orders in just one click and send them by email to the experts concerned. You can do this by selecting the documents in question and by using the “Create and email selected purchase orders” option. Each purchase order you selected will then be sent to the expert in charge of the job.

Linguition - Creating multiple purchase orders

Easy filter clearing

A small button that can be very useful: you can now clear all the filters in just one click by using the 14button.

Linguition - Easy filter clearing

Have a good day,

The Linguition team

Updated feature in Linguition: New tax module

Dear readers,

Today we would like to present you our new updated feature in Linguition: the tax templates module.

Until now, you could define your taxes (VAT) with a fixed percentage. This percentage was defined at company level but could be changed at customer, quote or project level.

Linguition - Price definition

This way of working was causing issues for some of you as in several countries, multiple tax lines can exist. For example if you live in Canada, you could have different taxes depending on where your client has his company.

To solve this problem, you can now define “Tax templates” under Administration > Company.

Linguition - tax templates

These tax templates can then be applied to your clients.

Linguition - customer tax template

If you create a new project or quote for your client, you can see in the price details that the tax template is applied.

Linguition - price definition

Don’t worry, you don’t have to redefine all your taxes in Linguition because of this new feature! We have created a migration module that will adapt all your VAT settings to these new tax templates, according to your existing customers’ settings. In other words, you don’t have to do anything.

We hope this is going to help you with your future invoices.

Have a good day,

The Linguition team

Updated feature in Linguition: Workloads on the dashboard

Dear readers,

First of all, we would like to wish you a happy new year!

Today we will present you the update we made on the dashboard, and more precisely on the workload charts.

These charts used to display your workloads  internally, externally and the sum of both workloads. It was intended to give you a general idea of the amount of work you have for the coming days. We have now updated these charts so that you have a better view of your workloads for the coming month. Based on some minor configuration steps, your planned holidays, your jobs and your timesheets, we now display your daily capacity (the maximum amount of work you can do every day) and your workload. This workload is “optimized” based on your capacity, meaning that if a job is too big to be done in one day, the system will split it on multiple days allowing you to have a clear view of your availabilities in the coming weeks.

Workload dashboard

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Two new languages to communicate with your customers and experts in Linguition!


Today we are happy to announce that on top of French, Dutch and English, you can now choose Spanish and German for your communication with your customers and experts. Because it’s always better to send your documents (invoices, purchase orders, quotes, credit notes) and emails to your suppliers and clients in their own language.

This can be defined at company level and at customer/expert level.

Company, customer and expert settings

If you want to change the default document language for your company, you have to go under Administration>Company and update the company settings.

Company settings

You can select “Update all customers and experts” if you wish to apply this new setting to all your existing customers and experts.

If you don’t want to apply this setting to all your customers and experts, you can modify the settings of one specific customer or expert by editing their personal settings under Management>Customers or Management>External experts.

Customer & expert settings

Email templates

Every email sent through Linguition is based on a template. You can find all these templates under Administration>Email templates. You now have the possibility to send them in Spanish and German.

Email template

And finally, don’t forget that you can always change the email language before sending it.

Email dialog

Hasta pronto/Bis bald,

The Linguition team

Internal experts: New feature in Linguition!

Hello everybody,

We updated Linguition with a new feature concerning internal experts: when you open an internal expert’s details, you now see his planning (the jobs he’s/he will be working on) next to his general information.

Internal expert

And likewise, when you open an internal expert’s details from anywhere in the application (for example on a job page), you now see the department he belongs to, his planning and his planned holidays, next to his general information.

Dialog details

So now you have more information at once!

Have a good day,

The Linguition team

Video no. 4 is online: Creating a first project


Today we are posting a new video on our website. After having configured the application with our master data, customers, experts and rates, we decided to focus on the creation of a first project in Linguition. Don’t miss it because project creation is what Linguition is all about after all!

You can find this video hereunder or in the Support section of our website (

We hope it will help you to get to know (and to like!) our solution. Don’t hesitate if you have any question (

As this video is more focused on translation agencies (who use all features of the application), we will handle project creation from a freelancers’ point of view in our next video.

Have a good day,

The Linguition team